Klaipeda University


Klaipėda University was founded in January, 1991. The institution is providing more than 100 different study programmes in bachelor, graduate and doctoral level in present time. All study programs are implemented based on contemporary knowledge which comes from research and technological innovations and this provides highly developed university education and enhancement in the personal skills, intelligent and creativity. Klaipėda University currently has over 30 600 alumni who are glad to study Lithuania.

The institution has more than 60 training and research labs, a research vessel, a botanical garden, a training and research sailboat and a yacht, an Open Access Center for Marine Research, a training theater, a concert hall, a large library which has around 500 000 funds, and a publishing house. Klaipėda University, every year works with more than 60 national and international projects, takes part in the activities of international funds, programs, and networks and collaborates with different research institutions all around the world.

Klaipėda University was established in a unique region in terms of economic, cultural, and geopolitical aspects. This specialty comes from having the only port of Lithuania.

Klaipeda University, welcomes everybody who desires to get higher education in the highest worlds standards and the latest development.

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