Latvian Academy of Sport Education

The Academy was initially founded in September 6, 1921 as the Latvian Institute of Physical Education. It has received its name “the Latvian Academy of Sport Education” in November 8, 1991. Latvian Academy of Sport Education is granted to be accredited in July 14 1998 as a state higher education institution.  The first Constitution of Latvian Academy of Sport Education was approved by Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia on March 10, 1992.

The Latvian Academy of Sport Education is the only specialized higher institution that trains future sport specialists and trainers in Latvia. The main aim of Latvian Academy of Sport Education is to provide students both theoretical and practical aspects of physical education, to educate students to be teacher of physical education and supervision physical development.

In Latvian Academy of Sport Education, scientific activities of sport has been conducted. Currently, several scientific research institutes is formed such as Recreation and Environment Institute, Institute of Movement Ergonomics, Sports Science Institute, Teacher Education Development Institute within Latvian Academy of Sport Education.

Further goal of Latvian Academy of Sport Education is to offer developed innovative research in sport science and integrate it in the study process and internationally recognized high quality studies in order to educate competent, successful and competitive sport specialists in international area.

The employees and academic staff of the Latvian Academy of Sport Education are conscious of the necessity and importance of their responsibilities with almost centennial traditions of their institution. This tradition requires to resume providing always more opportunities for higher quality education.

As Baltic Foreign Education, we offer open admission for all students who would like to get foreign education on physical training and sport sport in Latvia.

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