Baltic International Education as a Service Provider in the Baltic States

Baltic Overseas Education Consultancy has continued its overseas education activities for many years in the Baltic Region, based in Latvia-Riga.

With our dynamic staff, the ERP system we offer to our partners, and our offices in Riga and Istanbul, we serve as a service provider to many education consultancy companies in the Baltic Countries. In this way, we provide both domestic and international support to students.

We pay great attention to communication, creating new solutions, and preparing programs while working with companies with which we have partnered.

We are able to keep our service quality at the highest level thanks to our understanding that pays attention to every detail, the agreements we have made with the most distinguished universities in the Baltic States, and our company headquarters located abroad.

We are proud to be the most established organization among education consultancy agencies in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. With our experience, we develop the portfolio of local agencies we work with.

While Baltik Education Abroad always stands by its existing partners, it welcomes its new partners with its high motivation that has not changed for years.