Visa/Residence Permit Process

Application candidates for studying in Lithuania may only apply to a single entrance visa of the D category. D category visas are only issued for a single year. This occurs by personally submitting all the necessary requirements to the Lithuanian embassy. The required documents are listed below:


– Passport (must be valid for an addition 3 months after the expiry of the entrance residency).

– D visa filled application form with a single photo.

– International health insurance (must be valid for the visa’s period).

– A validly confirmed reservation for an air ticket.

– A letter of mediation and admission from the university.

– 60 EUR application fee


The visa is issued with 2 weeks, but this only occurs after a positive decision is made from Lithuania’s Migration Department.


It is necessary to note that the visa and passport are only valid for Lithuania and other Schengen countries. Additionally, when travelling to Lithuania, you can only select transit airports that should be heading to Schengen countries.Through the 1st study year at the university, a foreign student should apply for a TRP, which is a temporary residence permit per year. The Migration Department requires close to 4 months for making a decision on issuing a TRP. After applying for a TRP, the following documentation will also be needed.


  1. Passport that should be valid for 3 months after the TRP’s expiration.
  2. An application form for a special residence permit. Block letters are used for filling in English as well as Lithuanian languages. This may be sourced from the website of the migration office.
  3. Proof that the applicant will have the necessary funds to stay. The proof document can be certified in the embassy. After applying for a TRP in Lithuania, students can also provide a statement from the bank, where it is stated that every student has 1800 euros for use per year, or 150 per month for application.
  4. A clearance statement from the police, providing that the individual was competent as an authority in their home country where the applicant was located before arrival to Lithuania from where they lived. It should also certify that the applicant has not been a crime convict in the application state. If there was a conviction by the students, it should also be mentioned in the statement that criminal act and the date, in addition to the location of conviction. Sentences imposed on the applicant should also be mentioned.
  5. Mediation and admission letters from university.
  6. Proof that the student will have a residence while staying in Lithuania. This may be mentioned in the letter of mediation.
  7. A document with confirmation that the individual has insurance for their health. You can hand in the document during the TRP’s execution application is performed.
  8. There will be a fee for a residence permit. Additionally, there are some notes to consider…
  • That will be a state fee of 86 Euros. An urgent processing will require 172 euros.
  • If the application is done where less than 4 months are left until the visa’s end, then you should pay the urgent process fee or 172 euros.


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