Kaunas University of Technology

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) used to be at the beginning founded on January 27, 1920; the college was once known as “better guides”. With an improved rate of staffing and attendance, the institution was once instituted as the first impartial larger education school inside Lithuania via the government on February 16, 1922. Renamed Vytautas Magnus in 1930, the college specialized in four areas: civil engineering, mechanics, electrical engineering, and chemical technology. The turmoil of World Warfare II brought mixtures of Soviet, then German, and in the end Soviet re-occupation, many title alterations and an eventual closing of the institution in 1943. After re-occupation by way of the Soviets in 1944, the school reopened and eventually reformed into Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (KPI) and Kaunas Scientific Institute in 1946. Under the influence of Perestroika, the Soviet Lithuanian executive reinstated the university’s school repute, and it used to be renamed the Kaunas tuition of technological know-how (KTU). Independence from the Soviet Union brought fast westernization with a flexible module/credit score process and membership to many Western European firms and that had a significant effect on higher education in all other Baltic Universities as well as Lithuanian Universities..

When you consider that the institution in 1922, the university has produced more than 125 000 graduates. Following Lithuanian independence, KTU has issued over a thousand doctoral, and sixty-two thousand bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

With a present tutorial employees of nearly 3000 workers and almost 17,000 scholars, KTU stands as the largest technical tuition within the Baltic States.

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