What You Need to Know About Lithuania!

  • You contact with Baltic Foreign Education Consultation service.
  • Your questions are answered.
  • Your aim and goals are discussed.
  • Your university and major decisions or language options, courses an programs are considered.
  • Most suitable university and major or language program for your budget and criterias are defined.
  • We compromise with the decided university or language course.


  • All the required application documents are declared to you.
  • The date you would like to go is defined.
  • When the documentation is completed, they are submitted to related facility.


  • We give all the required information regarding visa/residence permit documentation.
  • We show you the different ways for residence permit application (if the study is longer than 90 days).
  • We give you tips for the best options.


  • We show you different options for accommodation.
  • Options may vary depending on price, location and conditions.
  • Your accommodation choice (apartment, dormitory, etc.) is discussed with you.
  • We contact with the related person or facility for the desired accommodation choice.


  • Your flight ticket is purchased.
  • Last preparations are completed.
  • We welcome you in Riga international airport.
  • We take you to your accommodation and to your university/course for registration (only in Riga – we ask only 5 EUR for this service).
  • We accompany you at emigration office if needed.


  • We give information regarding transportation and basic tips for life in Latvia.
  • If there is any question, we stay in touch with you during your study.

Green lands and flat planes are hosted by Lithuania as its main landscapes. Location of Lithuania is to be found in the Northern regions of Europe at the Baltic Sea. Borders are shared by other nations such as Poland, Russia, and Latvia. Beautiful landscapes are hosted by the country, including a unique sea side, rivers and lands, and a sandy peninsula. Isolation of the Curonian and Baltic seas is seen through the country’s Curonian split.


Annexing of the country was performed by the USSR in the midst of the 2 world wars. 50 years would be spent as Lithuania was governed by the Soviet invader, until independence in March 1990. Of all Soviet states, independence was first declared by Lithuania in the 1990s. Withdrawal of Russian troops from the region was seen in 1993.


Location of Lithuania is seen in the southern regions of the 3 Baltic States, boasting the highest populations of them all. It is characterized by predominant flatness, where there is only a few amounts of hills that are witnessed in the western and eastern regions. 30% of the country is covered by forests. Bordered by Latvia to the North and Belarus to the East and South, Lithuania is situated close to the East of the Baltic Sea. As a result of Latvia’s geography, agriculture has become a primary form of production there.


Lithuania’s economy is being powered by whole sale and retail, accommodation and food, transport, public administration, education, social work activities, and human health.

Lithuania’s export base is being enhanced by trade from Russian, Latvian, Polis, and German partners.


Religion has always been considered an important part of culture by Lithuanian inhabitants, where the name “The land of Virgin Mary” is sometimes applied to the country. Roman Catholicism is adopted by Lithuanians at a rate of 79%.

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