RISEBA University

RISEBA was founded in 1992 with the mission to be a gateway to international careers. The main aim of RISEBA is to prepare its all students and graduates for their careers in international area.

RISEBA is a private university that is fully accredited by Science of the Republic of Latvia and Ministry of Education as a higher educational institution. RISEBA is the first private university in Latvia and now it is among top 10 largest higher education institutions in Latvia. Currently, it has 200 international students, 3000 students under 17 different study programs in different level and directions and more than 8000 alumni.

In addition, RISEBA offers unique programs that market specifically needs or are introduced to the market first. Also, it provides higher education in three different language options – Latvian, Russian and English.

To adapt to the changes in broadining environment with new needs and to chase new opportunities, RISEBA has expanded its study fields with new areas with, i.e. communications, creative industries, media and architecture and its motto is “a financially sustainable, internationally recognised university of business, arts and technology”. With the high standard of this education Latvia can have a grown business and this is aimed by RISEBA. Additionally, RISEBA offers Phd programs in Latvia.

RISEBA is a multicultural university and providing inter-disciplinary education for the global labor market working with creative, intelligent and independently thinking individuals. RISEBA promises for excellent quality in education, high quality of graduates, internationally recognized degrees, outstanding research base and highly qualified academic staff.

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