ISMA guaranties lifetime development that is always an advantage on European and Turkish labour markets, which require competitive education that includes theoretical and practical knowledge together. ISMA is focused on three main parameters in education: the study program that meets the future plans of the students, developing students for labour market oriented and gaining students creativity and leadership skills.

ISMA has modern and renovated facilities for students such as: cafeteria, library, student park in the campus.

When you begin your study university degree at ISMA, it is possible to get also an additional 1st level study diploma without any process or cost. Hence, only trusting yourself and being enthusiastic at your studies is will give strong contribution to form your future.

When students complete the first year of their studies, they have opportunity to take part in student mobility programs and continue their studies in well-knows leading foreign universities. Furthermore, students can acquire and develop their practical skills in international foreign companies during summer internship, which ISMA assists to take part.  This is a good opportunity to get implement the knowledge in practical applications, learn business life, get job experience and earn that will help to pay tuition fee.

ISMA offers different professional study programs. ISMA is the place for everybody who wishes to aim future career, learn novelties and raise professional qualification.

ISMA is literally proud of its creative and professional of the high quality employees, and academic staff who raises the student for their professional future careers. The biggest fundamental values of ISMA is the provision of qualitative knowledge and skills.

ISMA offers the implementation of new study methodology and technologies (distance learning) for students who are not able to attend lectures.

ISMA is suitable for everyone who desire to receive higher education with all the modern requirements of today.

Studying Phd in Latvia, requires high commitment and hard-work. ISMA is the university you may obtain what is needed for your Phd.

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