Lithuanian Sports University

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) was founded in 1934. LSU is a private public higher education institution serving in the fields of sports and health sciences with its traditions based on the principle of continuous development. The history of LSU, which is a distinguished institution in the field of sports in the Baltic Region, dates back to 1934 and started to serve as an independent institute for the first time in 1945. The university got its current name in 2012.

LSU is known internationally as a leading academic and research center in sports sciences in the Baltic Region with its perspective of research and academic excellence and its mission to contribute to the continuous development of society. LSU is currently a university with over 2000 students. LSU is located in the 2nd largest city of Lithuania, in the very center of the city, integrated with transportation networks and has its own accommodation facilities.

LSU offers 19 different educational programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, especially focusing on sports, where studies, research and practices are interconnected. Thanks to foreign students coming to LSU in these programs, LSU students are provided with cultural diversity and an international environment. Lithuania Sports University provides its students with opportunities to receive education in different institutions thanks to the exchange programs it is included in.

LSU provides its students with access to all kinds of practical and theoretical knowledge they may need with its facilities. Sports and Entertainment Center, one of these, aims to provide an environment where students can increase their self-confidence and learn to express themselves better while developing their bodies with healthy physical activities and organizes activities for these.

LSU graduates who have trained in an international environment include many distinguished scientists, world-renowned coaches and famous athletes. LSU students and alumni include many champions and medal winners of the Olympic Games and world and European championships.

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Cost for Bachelor Degree Education

Bachelor Degree Programs Study Duration Tuition Fee (Euro)
Physical Activity and Lifestyle 3 2300
Sport Coaching 4 3300
Physiotherapy 4 2300
Sports and Tourism Management 3 2000

Cost for Master Degree Education

Master Degree Programs Study Duration Tuition Fee (Euro)
Physical Activity and Public Health 2 2000
Tourism and Sports Management 1,5 2700
Physiotherapy 2 2000
International Basketball Coaching and Management (Joint Degree) 2 3000
International Master in Performance Analysis of Sport (Joint Degree) 2 1625
Sports Physiology and Genetics 2 1625
Adapted Physical Activity 2 2000

Cost for Doctoral Degree Education

Doctoral Degree Programs Study Duration Tuition Fee (EURO)
Agronomy 4 5800
Forestry 4 5800
Ecology and Environmental Sciences 4 5800
Transport Engineering 4 5800
Environmental Engineering 4 5800
Mechanical Engineering 4 5800
Management and Administration 4 5400
Economics 4 5400