ERASMUS Internship

As Baltic Foreign Education, we provide internships in various organizations in Latvia. Internships are a very important topic in Europe and provide students with real working experience in terms of professional practice. Therefore, Europe can also be selective in the recruitment of trainees.

The Erasmus Internship Program can benefit from associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students, and the fact that you have been educated at any university with the Erasmus Program does not prevent you from doing Erasmus internships.

Erasmus internship can be provided for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students up to 90 days depending on the university, education degree and department. You need to contact the Erasmus Office of the educational institution you are studying on this subject.

Internship types show differences according to the needs of companies and other institutions depending on time. Therefore, students who want to do an internship abroad must contact Baltic Foreign Education.

In order to benefit from the internship programs, the student is required to pay a fee of EUR 30 in advance. If the relevant institution is provided for the internship, all documents required for the Erasmus internship are submitted and the student must pay 270 Euros.

For the internships we have provided, Latvia is one of the leading destinations.

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