Vilnius University

Vilnius University was founded in 1579. The institution is one of the oldest higher educational universities in Eastern and Central Europe. With its deep-rooted past, the university pursues almost 450 years old traditions, but still carries out the newest innovations and developments and applies them into the researches, scientific works, and studies.

Vilnius University actively participates in projects, international and academic activities within and outside of Lithuania in order to enhance the students, academic staff and the researchers in terms of their skills and knowledge. Having stronger bonds with global research centers and new local and international partners have presented a significant contribution in the researches and studies.

With all these social partnerships, Vilnius University follows up the latest developments and grows globally-minded specialists who manage to bring the university at the top level in Eastern Europe.

Vilnius University is a well-known university with over 430 years of academic traditions and one of the largest range of study programs in Lithuania. Thus, Vilnius University is one of the most desired for students who would like to study in Vilnius.

Vilnius University offers well-equipped facilities with the latest technologies and a magnificent academic environment for research and practice.