Study Programs

Latvia is a country many international students are seeking a suitable program. Latvia offers high European standards in education with low study costs. Moreover, there are a lot of social events students can participate among universities and outside. Therefore, Latvia is an important location for who would like to take part in a university in abroad.

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Bachelor degree studies in Latvia are recently very popular among international students due to every year increasing good references from previous years.


The Latvian education discipline helps students to find their own path to reach their particular goals in their master studies.


Latvia is a perfect country for doctoral study with its international relations, experienced professors and high information sources.

1st Level Study Programs

The importance of practical knowledge and high quality education is undeniable. Our colleges aim students to reach their goal readily.

ERASMUS Internship

As Baltic Foreign Education, we provide Erasmus Internship opportunities in various foundation in Latvia and the other European countries. The internships are highly considered issue in Europe and provide real job experience in the meaning of occupational application. Thus, Europe might be selective about employing trainees.

Primary and High School Education

Students will live a highly disciplined an international high school and primary school experience during their education and additionally, receiving a professional occupational education, they will have opportunity to start their occupational life earlier. All students are tested by the school psychologist and each student is individually adapted to education. Consequently, the tendencies and skills of students are defined and they are better prepared for their future life.