Transport and Telecommunication Institute

Transport and Telecommunication Institute was founded in 1999 as the only private technical college university type in Latvia. Transport and Telecommunication Institute had received permanent accreditation as a higher education institution. Since 2003, Transport and Telecommunication Institute has two branches on point of being in Riga and Daugavpils in Latvia.

Roots of Transport and telecommunication institute based on Riga Red-Banner Civil Aviation Institute and Riga Aviation Institute. Therefore, Transport and telecommunication institute has a modern facility and almost a centennial history.

Transport and telecommunication institute offers all higher education levels as first and second levels, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

Transport and telecommunication institute is carrying out the different researches and scientific works. According to the results of expert assessment, Transport and Telecommunication Institute is the only higher education institution among private colleges included in the list of leading scientific institutions, in Latvia.

Transport and telecommunication institute is meets students with prospering academic staff, corresponding to the latest requirements, a diploma internationally accepted, accredited education, science and technology background and highly developed learning environment.

Transport and Telecommunication Institute offers education about aviation (pilot), different than other universities. Students who graduate from this program has opportunity to start to work as co-pilot or aeronautical engineer. Provides peerless education programs for students who would like to do doctoral education in Latvia.

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