Turiba University

Turiba University is founded in 1993 and is one of the primary higher education institution focused on business and tourism with a clear vision and stable tradition of European education discipline.  Turiba University currently has more than 4000 student and 13000 alumni.

Turiba is a recognized and acknowledged university in international field. Turiba offers study in law, tourism management, public relations, hospitality companies and business administration.

Turiba is the first higher education institution that has been granted for accreditation by World Tourism Organisation and TedQual, quality certificate in Baltic region.

Turiba is admitted by The association to Advance Collegiate School of Business, which associates the leading higher educational institutions of business as a member.

During your study in Turiba University, you will have chance to obtain one more higher education degree from another university. Today, Turiba University offers double degrees. Beside your education in Turiba, with double degree programs, you may receive second degree from higher education institutions in Great Britain, Spain, France, Turkey and Taiwan. In addition, students may participate bilateral exchange programs in 2nd and 3rd year of their education for one semester in Russia, Georgia, Moldova, USA, South Korea, Ireland, Kazakhstan and Mexico. Furthermore, Turiba University has various business cooperation for summer practice of students. Hereby, during summer they can have real experience and have income.

Turiba University presents complete student life activities for the students as well as lectures and practical lessons: aerobic lessons, sport events before exam sessions, basketball and parties. In the campus; sport hall, dormitories, lecture halls and cafeterias take part. Turiba University invites students who desire to have high quality education, practical experience, business contacts and good friends!

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