Daugavpils University

Daugavpils University firstly was founded in 1921 with “Teacher’s seminary” name. It received its present name in 13th October, 2001. Daugavpils University is currently the biggest educational institution in Eastern Latvia with undergraduate, master and doctoral grades, which is recognized in Europe and all over the world.

Mission of Daugavpils University: The intellect of the society of the region forms the socioeconomic environment and higher education that is the core promoter in the development. The aim is to inspire the academic staff and students to work hard, be keen for new knowledge and discover and pass on the acquired cognitions and results to the society. Thus, the motto of Daugavpils University is Scientia Vinces that means “ Through knowledge you win”. Our main goal is to be a modern scientific university, which is educating students as well as society.

Daugavpils University locates in a multicultural environment and cooperates with several institutions all over the world. Daugavpils University provides many opportunities for students to go to abroad for practice and studies. Hereby, students can get additional experience and a new perspective on knowledge they could obtain from Daugavpils University. Students have chance to study for one or two semesters in European partner universities of Daugavpils University with Erasmus + mobility programs. Moreover, students may participate in different activities, receiving Else Marie Tschermak foundation’s funding in abroad.

Students of Daugavpils University have too many opportunities to attend activities beside studies; Student’s Journal “Lai Top!”, joining The Association of Young Scientists of Daugavpils University “DUJZA”, Health Care Centre, working in Student Council, Latgale Student Centre, Art Teacher Union, Natural Research and Environmental Education Centre. Students can also take part in student dance ensemble “Laima”, learn a new foreign language and do sports at the Sport Complex of Daugavpils University. Every student who interested in science, has an opportunity to work in research center and institutions and participate in scientific congress or international conferences. Daugavpils University is one of the institution that is offering one of the biggest opportunities for social activities among institution that are providing education in Latvia.