Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies

Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies is founded as the only agriculture education providing institution first in 1775 with “Academia Petrina” name in Latvia. Since 1936 the Jelgava Palace has been is main building of the institution. Currently Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies has around 7000 lecturers and 300 researchers who are giving contribution to related research areas in Latvia and all around the world.

Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies (LLU) – one of the leading higher educational institutions in the Baltic States. It has provided educational opportunities for more than 150 years, offering study programmes in areas which are significant for every country’s economies. Along with agriculture, which is included in the name of the university and is its first study programme, students can acquire knowledge and qualifications in veterinary medicine, food technology, forestry, engineering science, information technologies, pedagogy, social sciences and economics. Through the years programmes of above mentioned study directions have had a significant impact on the academic and research capacity meeting the demands of the labour market.

At the same time LLU is proud of scientific achievements of academic staff that are aimed at strengthening the economy and competiveness of Latvia in global market.

University has strong cultural and sport traditions, providing an opportunity for students to develop themselves into spiritually rich and physically strong individuals.

When studying at LLU, you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the city of Jelgava, which is considered to be the student capital of Latvia, to listen to lectures in the largest palace in the Baltic States. To study Phd in Latvia, Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies offers many different Phd programs that are interesting for all graduate degree students and alumni.

LLU welcomes you to discover a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience!

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