Rezekne Academy of Technologies

Rezekne Academy of Technologies was founded as the branches of the University of Latvia and Riga Technical University. Rezekne Academy of Technologies has been granted to be an independent higher education institution in July 1, 1993.

Rezekne Academy of Technologies is a government higher education and science institution based on science, research and artistic creative work. The main principles of Rezekne Academy of Technologies:

  • freedom of academic and scientific studies of students and academic staff,
  • flexibility in teaching methods, free choice of study programs and scientific research,
  • publishing of scientific standpoints and results of research without censorship if this liberty doesn’t contradict the norms of morality, rights of other persons and laws.

The aim of Rezekne Academy of Technologies is to provide competitive academic and professional higher education in compliance with Europe and all over the world. The main tasks of Rezekne Academy of Technologies is:

  • to guarantee association of research and studies beside opportunities to gain academic degrees, academic education and professional skills, knowledge and professional qualification in the core of social life, economy, culture, science, state administration and other professional fields,
  • to select academic staff, to organize laboratories, workshops, libraries, to improve study programs and other structures to let students obtain knowledge, academic education as well as professional skills in terms of practice and theory corresponding to the level development.
  • to guarantee the necessities and procedure of tests and examinations to make the assigned degrees, obtained diplomas and professional qualification, as well as designation of the study programs components to be internationally recognized by other international universities.
  • to encourage students for further education,
  • to collaborate with other scientific and educational research institutions and institutions in abroad.
  • to arrange Rezekne Academy of Technologies activities alongside studies and scientific research and inform public about these activities.

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