Riga Technical University

Riga Technical University is the oldest technical university in Baltic State such that October 14, 2012 marks the 150th year of Riga Technical University. Riga Technical University is an accredited, internationally recognised and the second largest university in Latvia.

Riga Technical University is the only technical university offering studies in diverse technical fields and implementing high quality academic and professional study programs in Latvia.

Advanced teaching methods, deep-rooted traditions, new technologies and innovative approach provide the education with the chance to guarantee research perfection. Riga Technical University offer part-time and full-time studies.

Riga Technical University put significant effort on scientific research with either fundamental or applied methods. The progress is then integrated in entire study process within the university. Riga Technical University is the leading science and engineering center with equal number of academic and research staff in Latvia.

Riga Technical University offers students wide options with advanced research facilities to students who would like to obtain higher education.

Riga Technical University has 33 research institutes and 30 different research laboratories. Riga Technical is proud of high quality and the number (466 chairs and professor groups) of its academic staff and research-focused education standards.

Riga Technical University is also a leading university which is having enrolled students from around 50 different countries all over the world. With the deepest root of Riga Technical University, it is a great charter to study Phd in Latvia.

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