A Brief Glimpse Into How To Study In Latvia

A Brief Glimpse Into How To Study In Latvia

In Latvia, there is both fee-paying and state-financed higher education. To favor the ablest learners, who studies are financed publicly, the institutions of higher education carry out a process of student option. The University education in Latvia incorporates 2 kinds of higher education programs such as professional and academic. Bear in mind that, the university of higher educations provides both professional and academic education, while the non-university kind of institutions offer only expert education.

Most of them are in confusion about how to study in abroad like Latvia; they must know about the system of education in that place. If you consider the Latvian education quality, the Academic Higher education in Latvia, this place follows the education of Bologna system, and it is categorized into 3 levels such as doctoral studies, master’s studies, and bachelor’s studies. A Master’s degree is received on successful completion of the second phase of the academic higher education, continuing 1 or 2 years. While Bachelor degree is obtained after 3 or 4 years of study.

Bear in mind that, only the graduates who are holding the master’s degrees or equivalent higher education diploma may take up the doctoral studies. These last 3 to 4 years, incorporates the preparation and defense, examinations and the advanced studies of a doctoral thesis. If you are searching for low fee foreign education, then Latvia is the best for the higher education.

Have a look at Visa Process to study in Latvia

The non-European citizens have to ensure whether they need a visa to enter the Latvia country. The validity duration of Latvia is based on each particular case. Technically, with the valid visa, you can able to stay in this country for about 90 days. If the students from the outside country for a long duration that is more than 90 days, then have to apply for a Latvian residence permit. You must keep in mind that,  it may take some time to get residence permit or visa. Thus, the application process must be begun as early as possible.

If you require a visa, to pursue Medicine education abroad like Latvia, then you have to meet the Latvian consulates in the regions to know about the process you must undergo and the documents you have to submit. But, the university which you are applying for can also meet you on the visa issue.