Let Us Have A Look At University Education Abroad

Let Us Have A Look At University Education Abroad

When you consider the matter of foreign education, it means several unique things and its interpretation is debated. A few of them have described the education abroad system in 2 general meanings based on the involvements of students. The first one refers to a comprehensive approach to education which deliberately prepares the students to stay active and engaged participants in a co-dependent world. The second one refers to the educations which transform borders by the exchange of people.

The Education Latvia is compulsory and free. The compulsory education incorporates 2 years of preschool education and 9 years of elementary education. The education system in Latvia includes secondary education, basic education, and pre-school education. Usually, the University education in Latvia in total lasts 12 years subsisting of compulsory 3 years secondary education and 9 years basic education. If you would like to study in Latvia, then secondary education stage covers vocational education, vocational secondary education, and general secondary education.

If you consider the University education in Latvia, for higher education covers both professional and academic study programs. The List of Universities in Latvia are University in Liepaja, Riga Technical University, Riga Stradins University, Latvia University of Agriculture, Daugavpils University and many others.

University study in Latvia- 2 kinds of Higher Education

There is a professional and academic education in Latvia. Many of the higher education institutions provide both professional and academic higher education qualifications.

Professional Higher Education- The type of programs are contributing to offer in-depth knowledge in the specific field, technologies, and products, preparing graduates for enhancement or design of systems and also to prepare them for teaching, research and creative activities in this field. In total, the period of vocational study programs is not less compared 4 years after the secondary education and not least compared to 2 years after college education.

Academic higher education- This program contributes to offering graduates for the independent research and also to offer a theoretical background for the expert activities. The Academic higher education programs are enforced based on the national standard of academic education. They generally cover a thesis at the end of an each stage and leads to a Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree.

The duration of Bachelor’s programs may be around 3 to 4 years. The overall length of full time Master and Bachelor studies is not less than 5 years. Doctoral studies will go to lasts 3 to 4 full-time years.